ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements — Rated Speech Samples

Language Proficiency Rating

Test Taker ID 040
Test Date 2 September 2005
Lead Rater ICAO
Assistant Rater(s) ICAO

Individual Ratings and Final Rating

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Pronunciation Structure Vocabulary Fluency Comprehension Interactions

(Lowest rating among individual ratings)
4 4 5 5 5 (5) 4

General Remarks

The test taker's successful performance in several skills is somewhat undermined by weak pronunciation and structure.


Despite a consistently fast delivery and a marked regional accent, the overall pronunciation is understandable, though at times it does interfere with ease of understanding, either because the ending of the word is not distinct:

  • [deleted] 711 were running out of the foo-el (fuel) and they can (can't) see the runway. (00:56 - 01:01)

Or in a few cases whole passages become indistinct:

  • so [deleted] 711 missed approach *** (01:08 - 01:12)
  • Because of ILS approach system, you have to check the every equipment, th, every the every month or every day, and it caused like some error. (05:31 - 05:43)

Occasionally, the accent affects the sounds enough that the listener must make an extra effort to identify the intended word:

  • to make sure that the plane is, the flight right airway (03:29 - 03:33)

However, it should be noted that the quality of the recording does not facilitate assessment of pronunciation.


All basic grammatical structures are usually well controlled:

  • The critical problem is that [deleted] didn't counted it right their remaining fuel. (01:41 - 01:49)
  • When airplane is take off, the controller's primary duty is, make sure the airplane is, take off the clearly. (02:58 - 03:05)

Complex structures, like the conditional, are attempted and used in appropriate contexts with minor errors:

  • When the controller asked a miss approach, the air, the pilot should say there not enough the fuel for the miss approaching again. (01:49 - 01:58)

Errors occur frequently, but rarely interfere with meaning:

  • When airplane is take off (02:58 - 03:00)
  • and how many feets (feet) they have to climb (03:16 - 03:19)


Despite a few confusions of parts of speech:

  • you can find your position in the air more accuarely (accurately) than ILS system (05:13 - 05:20)
  • so this much more clear and accuracy (accurate), I think (05:25 - 05:30)
  • Yes, I think the GPS will provide a safer airspace and lightening (lighten) the air traffic controller's workload (06:09 - 06:15)

the test taker possesses the basic vocabulary she needs for standard work-related topics. She demonstrates considerable range and accuracy in her use of words.


The test taker is able to speak at length with relative ease on different work-related topics and is able to use appropriate discourse markers:

  • it is ok, but, at the last moment, the pilot (01:17 - 01:22)
  • that's why the counted remaining fuel is very important for the flight (02:14 - 02:22)
  • 'cause if we using the GPS approach system (06:15 - 06:19)

However, the intensive test format with limited delivery times does not encourage variations in rates of delivery.


The test taker's aural comprehension is generally accurate on all the questions and summaries she is required to answer in this test situation. She manages to assimilate unexpected information on a range of work-related subjects. She also deals successfully with several different accents.


Given the computerised test format, it is difficult to assess the test taker's ability to interact spontaneously in a live situation. This explains why the Level 5 rating for Interactions is in parentheses. However, the test taker gives every indication of providing immediate, appropriate and informative responses to the prompts. She also demonstrates the use of conversational expressions that facilitate exchange:

  • Yes, I agree ... 'cause if you using the GPS approach (05:04 - 05:13)

Influence of the test format

This computerized test format has the advantage of allowing for a full assessment of comprehension, since it includes a variety of accents and topics. However, it does not satisfactorily assess the test taker's ability to interact. The very aggressive and inflexible style of delivery imposed by the test format and the time limits placed on responses may place test takers at a disadvantage.

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