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G-TELP KOREA Participates in the ICAEA RSS Project
G-TELP KOREA Participates in the ICAEA RSS Project
(Rated Speech Samples Training Aid Project)

G-TELP KOREA, provider of one of the leading aviation English tests in the world, the English Proficiency Test for Aviation or EPTA, participated in the International Civil Aviation English Association (ICAEA) CD ROM Training Aid &#8211 Rated Speech Samples Project (RSS Project). The RSS Project is conducted by the ICAEA in collaboration with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The project aims to improve existing standards in aviation English language assessment and ensure that language proficiency requirements set by the ICAO are followed and implemented effectively. The project will also provide aviation English test raters an effective tool for rating calibrations.

A new edition aviation training aid will be made available free of charge on the ICAO website by the end of 2010. The new and improved training aid will include the following features: (1) speech samples generated from a wide range of aviation English language tests (2) increased number of test taker performances that represent major language groups (3) increased number of test takers at key levels of the ICAO rating scale (4) sample ratings given by raters from a wider range of language backgrounds and (5) a more robust assessment of aviation English language proficiency.

By actively joining in this endeavor, G-TELP KOREA shows its commitment in maintaining the EPTA to the highest standards.

EPTA is the official test for aviation English language proficiency of personnel under the supervision and regulation of the Ministry of Construction and Transportation in Korea.